About Us

"Armaghan Salamat e Tabi'at" company started its activity in Bahman 1388, in the field of research on the beauty and health properties of some animal and plant oils, and other natural products for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

After the investigation, examination, and tests, among different animal and plant oil products oils, ostrich oil - due to its capabilities - was the company's first choice and the first products of the company with the brand name of “Prolife” were released into the market in 1389.

Armaghan e Salamat e Tabi’at was the first and the only company that was able to produce cosmetics with ostrich oil in Iran with regulations and a license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. However, earlier and now there are products that are taking advantage of ostrich name producing poor quality or low quality products in unofficial market.


  1. Understanding the needs of customers and providing their demands by offering new and diverse products according to the international standards with reasonable prices in order to achieve a decent share of the market.
  2. Improving the knowledge and skills and the ability of staff as thought resource and the most valuable capital of the company with the goal of achieving noble ideals of a brighter future.
  3. Enhancing the competitiveness in the market and providing better service to customers through cost optimization and maximum use of existing capacities.
  4. Developing and increasing the share of export products in line with economic growth of the country and with the aim of joining to the large markets.
  5. Attracting and developing staff in providing novel methods with the goal of continuous improvement.

Management and staff of the company believe in meeting the requirements of the quality management system with the goal of growth and excellence of the organization.


There is no doubt that hygiene, health and beauty are the three pillars of our life.

The company tries to with the creative think of product variety, packing variety and its proper distribution system while respecting the tastes of customers, and lead the general population to choose a high quality product all over the world.

Armaghan e Salamat e Tabi’at Company has been able to bring great honor to present the community relying on its intangible assets (brand value and manpower) using the leaders of entrepreneurs and capable staff and relying on the values of the organization such as excellence, learning, empowerment, competitiveness, creativity and innovation, customer orientation, commitment, and optimized distribution for high efficiency production, in line with the objectives of the company and improving the quality of the company and developing customers’ demands.